About Canine Initiative

Canine Initiative Group is a veteran owned and operated company. Our staff brings unique experience’s to training dogs. Our trainers bring military and contractor experience, law enforcement experience, service training experience and pet training experience. We are all proud pet owners and some of us even own service dogs ranging from Diabetic Alert to Post Traumatic Stress.

We all love our job and take extreme pride in the services that we offer. Once you have brought or purchased your dog to/from Canine Initiative Group you are now a member of the CIG family and can always come back to us for more training and help. We look forward to meeting you and your canines! See below for Owners experience.

Justin Border/Head of Training/Lead Instructor/Owner

Justin Started off as a United States Marine working as an Aviation Structural Mechanic as a Safety and Survival Technician. Justin has always had a passion for dogs and was able to take his experience handling explosives, leading and educating Marines, continuous work ethic, and patience into his later career of K9 trainer and instructor for students.

Justin’s passion for training and his strict attention to detail has proved to be a valuable trainer for the dogs and handlers.

In 2016 Justin decided that he wanted to take his passion for training dogs to a larger scale and became a trainer instructor/handler instructor for law enforcement K9’s and military working dogs.

Justin teamed up with Anthony Valenti, whom he served with in the Marine Corps to start Canine Initiative Group in 2016.

Anthony Valenti/Head of Operations/Instructor Trainer/Owner

Anthony became a Marine Corps Infantryman at the age of 17. After a tour in Iraq and 8 years of service Anthony became a Private Military Contractor working in the Middle East.

While in the Marine Corps and contracting Anthony was constantly working with Military Working Dog Teams. That was a motivating force for him to attend all of the training and schooling he could to become a handler and trainer. After handling Explosive Detection Dogs and 5 separate trips to the Middle East Anthony decided that he wanted to pursue other careers in the United States. Anthony now works as a Sheriff’s Deputy and continues to work closely with K9 handlers and trainers.

Justin and Anthony have known each other since 2007. They decided to team up and make their passion for dogs a full time job. They founded Canine Initiative Group in 2016. Their focus is on quality dog training for law enforcement, MWD, and the family companion dog. Combining military experience, work ethic, and passion for dogs, Justin and Anthony have a unique approach to training and an understanding for dogs that is hard to find.

After any dog, handler, or trainer has come through our facility they are considered family. Our Canine Initiative Group is growing swiftly! Become part of the family today!