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Due to the growing threats of terrorism, domestic, and foreign Canine Teams have proven to be an extremely effective tier of protection.

As a result, canine security awareness among potential end users has duly increased to the point where it’s now viewed as a viable and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods of security and detection.

In terms of deterrence, a security dog and its handler is a much more cost-effective alternative to having two security officers, especially if a second is deployed solely for health and safety reasons.

For searching and detection duties, a single dog under the command of a handler can also search a wider area much faster with greater accuracy and fewer distractions than a team of human beings.

Canine security is also very effective in reducing costs on large perimeter sites due to the sensory advantages dogs have over their human counterparts, meaning that a larger space can be covered by one dog and its handler more quickly than a number of security officers.

Due to its enhanced senses of smell and hearing, a well-trained canine also allows for an earlier detection of trespassers, contraband, explosives, and narcotics in hiding that would most certainly have been missed by a security officer. This renders canine security ideal for large scale events and places.

Visibility of the dog/handler team is integral to security in order to boost confidence and deter trespassers.

While threats to major hubs such as airports, seaports, and businesses have evolved over the past decade security companies are have realized that one of the best methods of combating them has, in fact, been around for hundreds of years and can be integrated into pre-existing human and technological systems to provide a greater level of security.

Canine Initiative Group offers quality canine/handler teams. We only select and train the highest quality dogs for our clients. Our handlers all have prior military or law enforcement experience and go through our rigorous training and certification requirements.

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