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All canines at Canine Initiative Group are pre-selected for performance and temperament. They endure a rigorous training process to ensure that they are prepared for “Real-World” application. Majority of our dogs are imported from Europe and purchased through breeders who have been breeding working dogs for generations. Once they reach our facility they are fine tuned and trained daily to maintain performance.

If you do not see a breed or canine you are looking for, Canine Initiative Group will find and train the dog to fit your department or agency.

If you do not see a lot of dogs on our site for sale, it is because we do no keep an inventory of dogs. Here at CIG we like to meet with our customers and purchase the right dog for you! Most dogs in our inventory are dogs that we raised and trained from pups ourselves.

Lets get together and find the perfect dog for your agency, community, and handler!


Green trained will be great single purpose canine. Great on and off switch. High Prey Drive, High Hunt Drive, Great Confidence.

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